UCLA Report Bias

What Happens to Your Report

UCLA strives to respond to acts of intolerance or hostile climate incidents with direct, effective action.  Reports submitted through this website will be received by the Dean of Students who will make an assessment as to the appropriate next steps.  If the individual making the report/referral is willing to be contacted, one of the Dean of Students’ staff will be in touch to provide assistance and to discuss next steps.  Assistance in dealing with the impact of this type of incident on the affected individual and campus community is a key component in the response plan.

If the matter is appropriate to be addressed through the UCLA Student Conduct Code, the Dean of Students Office will pursue it.  If not, it will be referred to the appropriate campus entity for further action.  In regard to expectations regarding the behavior of campus visitors (individuals who are not students, faculty, or staff), all campus departments that serve as liaisons with members of the community will provide clear guidelines as to campus values and standards and the potential consequences of violating those values.  Just as the University exists to serve the interests and needs of the community, we expect the community to support and respect the values that guide and define our institution.

All campus entities will adhere to FERPA regulations when handling reports and information submitted via this website.  If the matter is referred for further action by the Dean of Students Office or other appropriate campus entity, the processes for review and possible further action are carried out with the same measure of individual protection.